What Will Become

Of Clay? 

A Christian Children's Book 


A Bit About Me

My name is Lois Jacobson and I was born and raised in Evergreen, Colorado, number five of eight siblings. For the last 40 years or so, Jesus has been the center of my life. 

I grew to love photography when my children were young. Capturing the beauty of God's creation was the highlight of my life. 

As my love for photography grew, and life took over, there were times in my life I was like Clay, wanting to do it my way instead of God's. As this story about Clay has come about, I look at my own life and realize how much more I need Him every second, every minute, every day of my life. I want to sit on the Potter's wheel and let His plan for my life come to pass. 

I remember the day this story came about; I was sitting with my granddaughter Faith, giving her an analogy about a piece of clay being on the potter's wheel. As I was telling her about this piece of clay, all of a sudden the Lord began to speak to me, and Clay was born. 


The Book


What Will Become Of Clay? tells the story of a lump of clay being shaped on the potter’s wheel and deciding he doesn’t want to be a cup, as the potter intends, but a bowl instead. This is a story of grace, redemption and love, as Clay realizes he is unhappy as a bowl, and how the potter helps lead him back to his true path. It is an allegory for all ages, designed to inspire faith in God’s plan for everyone.


A big thanks to Greta Chirco, my illustrator, for all of her hard work and her fabulous drawing skills!

Greta, thank you for bringing Clay to life!


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